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´╗┐The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? : Psalm 27: 1

The Feast of Abba Gerima

June 23, 2016

By Kassa Nigus 
Abba Gerima, or Yeshaq (Isaac), is one of the Nine Saints attributed to be the founder of Abba Gerima monastery in 494, some kilometers east of Adwa town, in northern Ethiopia. The monastery is the home of world’s earliest illustrated ancient manuscripts known as ‘Garima Gospels’ which is written and named after a saint himself. Aba Gerima, along with other eight saints greatly influenced the course of religious thought through his writings, contributing to the development of Ethiopian Orthodoxy.
Inauguration of Newly Built Monastery Complex
June 22, 2016
The Complex was built at a cost of 8 million birr.
The modern premises of Abba Giyorgis Zegasicha Monastery which was built in South Wollo Diocese, Kelela town inaugurated on June 19, 2016. The premises was one of the major projects built by Mahibere Kidusan at a cost of eight million birr. The foundation stone of the building was laid six years ago by his grace Abune Atnatewos, archbishop of the diocese.  
Sunday School Department 5th Annual General Conference Joint Statement
June 21, 2016
By Mesfin Zegeye 
The fifth general conference of Sunday school department of the patriarchate of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church was held from June 17 -19, 2016 for three consecutive days. Extensive discussion on the reports of the budget year of the department took place in which three studies on promoting the mission of the Church were presented. The session was attended by representatives of Sunday Schools from 25 dioceses.
The Feast of Saint Michael
June 20, 2016
By Kassa Nigus 

Saint Michael is one of the seven Arch angels who stand before God, and is honored for defeating the Devil and his angles in heaven after they rebelled against God (Rev.12:7-9).  When the faithful falls in Satan’s temptation, they call the name of this angle and are always victorious over him.

Parakletos: The Descent of the Holy Spirit

June 18, 2016

By Kassa Nigus

Parakletos comes from the Greek word translated “Comforter” or “Counselor” (as found in John 14:16, 26; 15:26; and 16:7). This Counselor, or Paraclete, is another name for the Holy Spirit, the third Person of Holy Spirit who among other things provides guidance, consolation, strength, and support to people. The feast of Parakletos also known as by the name Pentcost as the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles and the other believers on the Day of Pentecost.

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